When children enter the foster care system, they often find themselves in a foster home without their siblings.  It is our ultimate goal to provide special camps for whole sibling groups on a future property site called “The LoBo Ranch”.

While at the ranch, sibling groups will enjoy the opportunity to reunite for a time of fun, faith, adventure, and connection. While we can’t put these sibling groups back together in the same home, we can give them a special time to laugh, create new memories together and develop stronger relationships.  We are currently accepting donations to make “The Lobo Ranch” a reality for these sibling groups.


Once “The LoBo Ranch” is a reality…

Cost and Eligibility

The LoBo Ranch is 100% free of cost for sibling ranchers. In order to qualify to attend the LoBo Ranch, siblings must:

  • Elementary, Middle School and High School aged
  • Have at least one biological sibling
  • Reside in a separate home as their sibling(s)

Younger siblings are accepted on a case-by-case basis.


Each rancher will have a bed of their own. Ranchers will share a bunk bed in a bunk room with other ranchers and LoBo Ranch staff. Boys and girls have separate bunk rooms.