Thanks to our amazing Community Partners, children in foster care receive special services, resources, and opportunities to connect with their siblings.  Whether it’s offering a day at the skate rink or hosting a diaper drive, our Community Partners help do the work we can not do on our own.  If your business or organization would like to become a Community Partner, we would love to hear from you! Click here to be a part of our village as a Community Partner.


Center State Bank

Citrus Center Kiwanis

Compass Mortgage

Cub Scouts of America

Family Fun Center

First United Methodist Women


Guardian Ad Litem

Girl Scouts

GFWC Junior Women’s Club

Heartland for Children


McClure & Lobozzo Law

Moving Hope

Northpoint Land Surveying (863) 648-2363

Oak K Farm

Peace River Packing Company

Shepherd’s Community United Methodist Church

St Paul Lutheran Church

Skate World

Tim Jefferson Realtor

Timbernook of West Central Florida

Wall Titus Accountants

Wealth Solutions