With over 1,500 local children living in foster homes, placed with relatives or non-relatives, and/or living in group homes away from their family & friends, we need your help with Christmas gifts. All sponsorships and toy drives are hosted through Rudolph Round-Up by Heartland for Children (the local foster care agency). Choose what works best for you.  Click on the “Yes, I can help” link below.  Thank you for making a difference in the life of a foster child this Christmas!

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child to provide 2-3 of a specific child’s Christmas wish items with a total value of $100 (for all items combined).

Host a Toy Drive

Choose from one of these Toy Drives to sponsor at work, church, or with friends:

  1. Toy Drive for Teenagers
  2. Toy Drive for 0-2 year olds
  3. Toy Drive for Children of All Ages


Volunteer in the Toy Workshop sorting and organizing toys. (This is currently suspended due to COVID-19.)

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