And when you welcome one of these children because of me, you welcome me.  Matthew 18:5

The LoBo Ranch is a 501c3 non-profit community of child advocates combining our unique gifts and talents to serve children in foster care in the Polk, Highlands and Hardee County communities in the name of Jesus Christ.

Tony and Melissa Lobozzo began LoBo Ministries, Inc. with their three daughters to address the need to unite siblings in foster care who are currently living in separate homes.  Through these valuable programs, siblings will be able to connect while growing personally through equine therapy, educational services, biblical programs, celebrations and special camps.  In addition to serving siblings, we support foster families and work to increase the number of foster care homes available for children in need as we help new foster care parents with furnishings and household items.

Lobo family

LoBo Ministries, Inc. Directors: Melissa Lobozzo (Executive Director), Tony Lobozzo, Stephanie Clayton

LoBo Ministries, Inc. Officers:  Tony Lobozzo-President, Melissa Lobozzo-Vice President, Stephanie Clayton-Treasurer, Stephanie Helman-Secretary

LoBo Ministries, Inc. Advisory Board:   Mark & Vikki Capron, Kyle & Stephanie Clayton, Nona Dyess, Charles & Stephanie Helman, Seth & Melanie Kimler, Tony & Melissa Lobozzo, Patrick & Karen O’Leary, Gary & Denise Palmer, 

Founders of LoBo Ranch honored as state foster care volunteers

A special thank you to Denise Anne Palmer for the LoBo Ranch branding.deniseanne_logo

In appreciation to Jim Lobozzo and Bob Titus for their continued advisement